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American Jobs Act Is Funded By Veterans Using VA Home Loan

The ‘VOW to Hire Heros Act’ “Would provide veterans with comprehensive transition assistance, ranging from resume writing to an extra year of training for high-demand fields like technology and trucking. In addition, companies would get up to $5,600 in tax credits for each veteran hired, and up to $9,600 for a disabled veteran, as long as he or she has been job hunting for at least six months.”

Certainly it’s important to help veterans transition to a job when they return home from active duty, but wouldn’t it be appropriate for Congress to find funding for this bill in another area besides the elimination of a fee reduction that would have helped other veterans? Yes, apparentlyCongress believes that veterans should be the ones paying for a veteran’s jobs bill:

To cover the cost of the veteran jobs package, Murray and Miller agreed to a provision that will keep in place higher VA loan guarantee fees for veterans who re-use home loan benefits a second time or more. The higher fees, set in 2003, were to expire but will be extended through 2016.

“The tax breaks and jobs programs for veterans would cost just over $1 billion, and would be paid for by extending a fee the Veterans Affairs Department charges to back home loans.”

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One Response to "American Jobs Act Is Funded By Veterans Using VA Home Loan"

  1. lomtevas  December 1, 2011 at 11:12 am

    This is rhetoric intended for election year bling.

    The federal government is the last place a veteran can expect to be employed at especially in positions commensurate with their rank and pay levels while on active duty. For white collar professional service members, ask how many became federal judges after being JAG lawyers and how many combat arms service members become FBI and secret service agents.

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