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Today’s Mortgage Rates at Wells Fargo, US Bank, Capital One – Thursday, April 21

Mortgage rates made a significant jump on Wednesday

Mortgage rates made a significant jump this week after more than a week of remaining flat. The most prevalent interest rate quoted for the benchmark 30-year fixed-rate home loan today is 3.625%, although lenders are quickly moving toward 3.75%. The upcoming European Central Bank Announcement is anticipated to push rates even higher within the week.

Mortgage Rates at Wells Fargo

Wells Fargo is quoting higher mortgage interest rates on Wednesday. The best rate for a conforming 30-year fixed-rate mortgage is 3.750% with an APR of 3.810%. The 30-year FHA loan is quoted at the same 3.750% interest rate with a 4.758% APR. A 30-year VA mortgage is published with a rate of 3.375%. Buyers can lock into a 15-year fixed home loan at 3.125% with an APR of 3.176%. Wells Fargo advertises a 7/1 adjustable rate loan at 3.375% to start.

Larger loan amounts are available in select high-cost markets. A larger 30-year fixed mortgage is published at 3.875% today with an APR of 3.885%. A larger FHA mortgage is quoted with a 3.750% interest rate and an APR of 4.742%.

Jumbo loan borrowers can secure the lowest interest rates at Wells Fargo. A 30-year fixed jumbo loan is published with a 3.500% interest rate and an APR of 3.506%. A 7/1 jumbo ARM is available with a rate as low as 2.750% for the first seven years.

Refinance rates have also edged higher. A 30-year fixed refi loan at Wells Fargo is quoted at 3.875% on Wednesday with a 3.912% APR. A 30-year fixed FHA refinance is available at 3.750% with an APR of 4.771%. Homeowners can refinance into a 15-year fixed refi mortgage at 3.125% today with an APR of 3.207%. For greater flexibility, a 7/1 refinance ARM is quoted at 3.375% for the first seven years.

US Bank Mortgage Interest Rates

The best interest rate for the benchmark 30-year fixed mortgage at US Bank on Wednesday is 3.750% with an APR of 3.821%. US Bank advertises the 20-year conventional mortgage at 3.500% with an APR of 3.597%. The more popular 15-year fixed loan is quoted at 3.125% today with an APR of 3.249%.

Buyers in search of greater flexibility can lock into a 5-year adjustable rate mortgage at 2.875% for the first five years. A 10-year ARM is quoted at 3.375% to start with an APR of 3.347%.

A 30-year fixed FHA loan is offered with a 3.500% interest rate today and an APR of 4.555%. Buyers can lock into a 15-year FHA mortgage at 3.125% with a 4.190% APR. The 30-year VA loan is advertised with an interest rate of 3.500% and a 3.833% APR.

US Bank also offers jumbo loans. A 30-year jumbo mortgage is quoted at 3.875% with an APR of 3.896%. A 15-year jumbo loan is available with a rate as low as 3.625% and a 3.663% APR.

US Bank does not include discount points in advertised rates. You can purchase points at closing to secure a lower interest rate than advertised.

Capital One’s Best Mortgage Rates

Capital One advertises the 30-year fixed mortgage at 3.500% today which is among the lowest of major lenders. A 15-year conventional home loan is offered as low as 2.875% with a 2.983% APR. Buyers can lock into a 5/1 ARM at 2.750% to start with a 3.288% APR. A 7/1 ARM is quoted at 3.000% for the first seven years with a 3.338% APR. Buyers interested in a jumbo mortgage can secure an interest rate as low as 3.500% or a 30-year fixed jumbo loan with an APR of 3.521%.

The interest rates mentioned within the article are subjected to change without any guarantee and are up-to-date at the time of publishing of the article. For the latest interest rates, make sure to check the current values.


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